Active Iceland & Active Asia

Active Iceland  & Active Asia are luxury travel companies focusing on personalized active travel throughout the Arctic & Asia. MILK was tasked with developing a new brand identity for the mother brand Active Africa and rolling it out across its sister brands Iceland and Asia.  Iceland & Asia is promoted to the South African market as a luxury active destination and attends numerous travel expo’s. MILK was tasked with coming up with a family friendly expo stand to showcase both Asia & Iceland.  The leave behind brochure was designed as a travel ticket with various pages that highlighted the countries offerings and active opportunities. To keep the family busy we designed an interactive map where kids (and adults) were encouraged to “go fish” for coloured activity icons that were stuck by magnet to the greyscale active icon on the map, reinforcing the active travel possibilities within each country.

  • Categories:

    Code, Creative, Graphic Design, Web Design
  • Client:

    Active Iceland
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