Active Africa

Active Africa is a luxury travel company focusing on personalized active travel throughout Africa. MILK was tasked with developing a new brand identity that spoke to the premium and personal experience had by clients. MILK created a new CI – from logo to website – focusing on this bespoke experience. The logo symbolizes a boutique African perception, focusing on a uniquely modern, luxury experience with an active edge. The icon, a “teepee” or sorts, represents amongst other things the tracking symbols used by Bushman throughout Africa. The website was designed to be full screen with large format imagery to capture the vast landscapes of the African planes. The colour palette used reflects the African colours of light browns and reds whilst the contemporary layout and elegant font usage reflects the vastness of nature as well as the company’s luxury offering. This offering is further emphasized by the interactive search function which allows users to filter for an activity that suits their personal needs.

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    Code, Creative, Graphic Design, Web Design
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    Active Africa
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